photo of Judy Blue label on jeans

Decoding the Denim: Your Judy Blue Jeans Size Guide

Ah, the quest for the perfect pair of jeans. It's a journey fraught with sizing charts, trial and error, and the occasional "Ugh, why won't these buttons close?!" moment. But worry not, if you've stumbled upon the wondrous world of Judy Blue jeans, this guide is here to illuminate your path to finding the correct size.

First things first: Judy Blue runs differently than your average department store jeans. They're cut with a woman's body in mind, featuring a mid-to-high rise and oh-so-comfortable stretch. This means their sizing is a bit unique, and deciphering the label can feel like a foreign language. But fear not, here's the cheat sheet you've been looking for:

For sizes 0-15:

    1. Start with your usual even size (e.g., size 8).
    2. Then...
      • Size down ONE size. So, if you're an 8, grab a size 7 in Judy Blue.
      • OR size down TWO sizes for a super snug fit on relaxed Judy Blue styles like boyfriend cut.

For sizes 14W-24W:

    • No need to size down! Your usual size will likely fit perfectly.

Still feeling a little unsure? Let's break it down visually!

Judy Blue Size Chart & Fit Guide

Here are some additional tips for finding your perfect fit:

    • Pay attention to the rise. Judy Blue offers a variety of rises, from low-rise to ultra-high. Choose the one that flatters your body type and personal preference.
    • Consider the style. Boyfriend jeans run looser, while skinny jeans hug your curves. Choose the style that complements your look and feel.
    • Don't be afraid to size up or down. Judy Blue jeans are stretchy, so if you're between sizes, consider ordering both and see which one feels better.

With this guide, you'll be rocking your new Judy Blue jeans with confidence in no time! So go forth, conquer the (virtual) denim aisle, and check out our Judy Blue Shop today!